European Survey of Information Society


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In 1997, ISPO, the Information Society Promotion Office of the European Commission, launched ESIS (European Survey of Information Society projects) in the 15 EU Member States. The objective of ESIS was to build an inventory of projects as well as to collect European data concerning promotional activities, regulatory developments, alternative networks and key persons and organisations.

ESIS II as an extension to the ESIS project was launched in March 1999 and is actively surveying 24 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean area. It is the first survey of Information Society development on this geographical scale.


ESIS is a valuable instrument in the developing framework of dialogue and co-operation between the EU and these countries and aims to provide:

ESIS is led by ISAC / ISPO of the European Commission with the support of an external project management team in charge of the co-ordination, data centralisation and synthesis, database and web management ( Data collection in each of the countries concerned is carried out by a local contractor team.